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#TBT The Rolex 1625 Turn-o-Graph - Receiving the RadarToday on #TBT we'll take a look at a Rolex which includes "flown" under the radar for a while. It is just a watch with sporting intensions, but it is not viewed as a sports watch by itself. Understandably, the Rolex 1625 Turn-o-Graph was really issued to pilots in a single of its earlier guises and has a "toolish" rotating bezel. Oh, of course, if you have not figured against each other yet, watch repair tools this Rolex just occurs are available gold.Consider to a little history (for much more, head here to the more extensive article). The first Turn-o-Graph has been around since 1953 as well as the 6202 that appeared looked so much like the Submariner that was still into the future. It featured a black inlay rotating bezel and was offered with sometimes a black or white honeycomb dial. Featuring its introduction, it was actually the brand's first production model with a rotating bezel. These models are scarce and rather expensive because they were only designed for roughly a year until being substituted with the 6309 reference. Notably, the 6309 introduced a gold metal bezel, a trait that stayed with all the model until it ceased production this season. Right now, it also became a state sub-model from the Datejust line. Also, in the 6309's production, the watch was crowned the official watch of the US Air Force Thunderbirds demonstration team and took from it the "Thunderbird" nickname that had been often utilised in American Rolex advertising. In roughly 1959, though, the Rolex 1625 Turn-o-Graph was introduced and it was produced until 1977.In the beginning, it's hard not to imagine a Datejust when reviewing the Rolex 1625 Turn-o-Graph. After all, the dressy dial, thin stick hands, applied rectangular markers and Cyclops in the date window are pure giveaways. Obviously, the saying "Datejust" for the dial seals the offer as well. breitling superocean It is a funny thing because I'd wager that a majority of develop a Datejust and the fluted bezel comes up. So, perhaps it's this adder from the rotating bezel which comes off as a little incongruous into a because they're accustomed to seeing something more important in its place when associated with a real dial. Having said that, the bezel may be valued at a good look.While this watch did become famous because connection to a seriously skilled group of pilots, the Rolex 1625 Turn-o-Graph was apparently suitable for everyday experts who might have planned to time something. That "something" could have been anything and never necessarily an action involving life or death. Some might find that a lttle bit boring, however when watch people take a moment and honestly discuss how, or when, they use any watch functionality, a 60-minute bezel usually ranks one of the top-most regarding practicality.When viewed in close proximity, this is a gorgeous piece of finishing that's often tainted by wear or, somewhat offputtingly, by grime and dirt. The whole thing is cast as one piece in 18-karat gold and, therefore, the numbers have been in relief with the tens along with the stick markers on the 5's. Among, there's fine ridging that just about helps to make the entire thing so bright it is truly challenging for the attention draw in at once. Yes, there's very much lighting contrast. Plus, these topographic features become collectors of daily detritus and earn themselves available to dents and dings. This example, as we discussed, is very in lovely shape.The bezel on the Rolex 1625 Turn-o-Graph is bi-directional and utilizes a tight friction fit to help keep it from turning without having to use force. With decent knurling around its edges, the bezel is fine for some to work with, but the gold feels less edgy and tactile in comparison with something like steel on the Submariner. Still, it works with little fuss.The partners in crime for measuring some event are the tritium filled hands. These are carried out in gold and with their thin slice of lume, match the dots of tritium that comes with the away from each applied gold hour marker. This rayed silver dial is capped served by a stunning applied coronet at 12:00.Case-wise, the Rolex 1625 Turn-o-Graph, yet again, defintely won't be a stranger to anyone familiar with a Datejust. It is packaged in in a familiar 36mm across, but the dimensions are aided with decently lengthy lugs. This piece likely received a properly professional polishing sometime, however you could see the lovely matte finishing on the tops of the lugs along with the beautiful polishing on its sides. And like many older yellow gold Rolex replica watches, this "ToG" has turned a brassy shade of yellow. It's also possible to see that the lugs are nevertheless thick and in some cases: this is sadly not much of a guarantee with gold. Take special note of the lovely hallmark of gold Rolex cases, the small area of reinforcement on the inside the lugs where they satisfy the case. The crown of the 1625 is a screw-down with the case back. The thick acrylic crystal is also a cool throwback that reminds us that we're working with something a tad older.This Rolex 1625 Turn-o-Graph dates to roughly 1974 possesses a caliber 1570 automatic movement. Through the dial, read that it is chronometer certified. Unfortunately watches , it won't possess a quick setting date, however it does hack. The 1570 runs at 19,800 bph and possesses an energy reserve of roughly A couple of days. Like most movements with this family, I have found it tough to fault and rather bulletproof.Around the wrist, I have discovered this watch fascinating. On one side, the Rolex 1625 Turn-o-Graph somewhat splashy, however it sends out a completely different look in comparison to the gold 16758 GMT that we own. It's dressy, but somewhat sporty based on the style of 20mm strap chosen for duty. I bought this watch from your Davidoff Brothers who discovered it at the watch show (I did don it my wish list) for rather proud of it. I'm slowly getting yourself into vintage Datejusts and Day-Dates, but felt that the good Turn-o-Graph represented something quite various and it mat be a bit undervalued.  Prices, in addition, for good gold pieces start somewhere within the mid $5,000's and work their far: condition rules.The Rolex 1625 Turn-o-Graph was accessible in numerous dial colors, bi-color case and a steel version with white gold or platinum bezel. Therefore, there's likely a variant to install almost anyone's desires. Why the ToG hasn't found more fame is anyone's guess. As mentioned, maybe the fact that Rolex ended the road in the year 2011 hasn't helped or maybe most wishing to get a turning bezel would rather possess a GMT or a Sub. Unpleasant, I'd think it is a hard-to-find bargain for collectors. Pick one up having a nicely preserved bezel and case this is difficult to fail. With Rolex, you merely can't say for sure each time a formerly unloved model all of a sudden becomes interesting again.